The EHR for Citizens

The Electronic Health Record offers a long series of benefits for the patients. Its supply with all the socio-health documents guarantees the traceability of the citizens' medical history at any time and in any place they are, in total safety. In fact, even outside their region of assistance, the doctors who will treat the patients will be able to access the data and documents necessary for the purpose of treatment, avoiding the patients to have all the paper documents with them.

What are the advantages of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the citizen?

No more documents to carry with you and more security

The EHR allows you to have a single access to the patient's clinical history which contains reports, prescriptions, discharge letters, etc. This allows the doctor to access the patient's documentation necessary for an anamnesis without the need for the patient to have all the paper documents with him, also avoiding the risk of some documents being lost. The patients can have their medical history available in digital format at any time and in any place.

No more unnecessary health benefits

The possibility of having access to all data and clinical documentation of the patients allows them to avoid the repetition of analysis or other health services thus avoiding waste of money and time for the citizen.

The Personal Health Record

The patients also have the possibility to insert in their Personal Health Record all the information that they consider important and not present in their medical history and, in addition, the documentation relating to services provided by private structures, from another nation or in any case not belonging to the National Health Service (NHS), thus ensuring a more comprehensive picture of their entire clinical history.

Concrete support in emergencies

In emergencies, the ability to promptly access information on the patient's clinical status, providing emergency room doctors with the information necessary for proper intervention, allows the patient's health to be safeguarded.

Total privacy management

The establishment of the EHR by the regions and autonomous provinces gives rise to a further and distinct processing of personal data with respect to the set of treatments deriving from the provision to the patient of the health services in relation to which the data were acquired or produced. The methods of access to the EHR must be made explicit by the patient through the expression of a specific consent, made after the viewing of the relevant information. The consent can be expressed (or revoked) directly by the patient, both using telematic tools made available to the region / autonomous provinces after authentication, or by means of a declaration made to a person delegated by the Health Authorities of the region / autonomous provinces (eg. GP/Pediatrician or other relevant operators).

Last update: 06/08/2021