The EHR for Doctors

The General Practitioner (GP) or the Pediatrician have a fundamental role in the activation and population of the EHR. The figure of the GP remains, in fact, the one of reference for the patients, to whom they will explain what the EHR is, what it contains and everything the patient needs to know about it.

The General Practitioner 's expenses are mainly linked to the compilation of the Patient Summary (PS) which, following the insertion of administrative data and the patient’s previous (where possible) clinical history, are reduced to a usual updating activity of the PS through authentication systems for accessing data in total safety for the GP and with full protection of privacy for the patient.

The EHR also involves all health service professionals who can, subject to authorization by the patient, consult the data and documentation relating to the citizen's clinical situation.

What are, briefly, the advantages for Doctors in the population and use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

Improve the social and health care service

The medical staff, with the consent of the client, has the possibility to consult, in digital format, the documentation relating to the patient's clinical history, thus favouring the exponential improvement of the social and health assistance service to the citizen, also in emergency cases.

Faster and cheaper assistance

The socio-health assistance provided to the assisted person, thanks to the use of the EHR, will have shorter times than the analysis of the documentation in paper format, as it favours the reduction of waiting times for the presentation of clinical documentation, but also the prescription of services already prescribed but of which no trace has been found.

Last update: 06/08/2021