EHRs interoperability Workgroup

Objectives: The WG aims to define and formalize the technical specifications and standards required for the interoperability of the EHR through the production, verification and publication of shared documents to support the executive planning of the interventions that become necessary over time, as well as defining the guidelines shared at national level, considering the possible functional evolutions.

Reasons: The establishment of the Workgroup was born within the technical working group set up at the Agency for Digital Italy with commissioner decision no. 184/2013, motivated by the need to deepen the technical specifications and standards required for the EHR’s interoperability and define models, processes and technical details shared at national level.

Context and experiences: Paragraph 15-ter of Article 12 of Law Decree no. 179/2012 provides that the Agency for Digital Italy, on the basis of the needs advanced by the regions and autonomous provinces, of the respective plans, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, with the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, takes care of the design and construction of the national infrastructure necessary to guarantee the EHRs interoperability. On the basis of this context, the WG has published a first set of documents aimed at providing all the details and technical specifications for the implementation of the mandatory interoperability services in the first application of the regional EHR systems.

Last update: 05/08/2021