The media campaign for the Electronic Health Record promotion continues in Emilia Romagna.

The region Emilia Romagna is still running a media campaign to promote the activation and use of the Electronic Health Record. In Emilia Romagna, that has now 337.000 files activated, the Electronic Health Record was activated a few years ago and it has been improved to be easier and intuitive to use. 

The Electronic Health Record of the region of Emilia Romagna is provided with different additional services:

  • Health bills payment service;
  • Medical examinations booking, changing and cancellation;
  • Real time medical reports provided by the regional healthcare companies (print and consult);
  • Vaccination certificate;
  • Health paper documents uploading;
  • Possibility to change the general pratictioner;
  • Waiting lists check;

The file can be activated at any time contacting one of the Usl desk where an operator will verify the identity and release the credentials to access the The EHR can be activated by any citizen of age registered in the regional health system. It is also possible to activate a file on behalf of another person, like an elderly relative or a minor child, whose file will be attached to that of the parents up to the age of 18.

Last update: 09/08/2021