The EHR of Region of Toscana in an APP

The simplification process of the Region of Toscana continues for access to information and digital health services even out of one’s Region. The “Smart SST APP” is thus renewed, through which you can access your Electronic Health Record with your SPID (Public Digital Identity System) credentials. The APP is enriched with new features: the possibility of viewing the accesses to the Emergency Department, the vaccination booklet and the evaluation reminder of compulsory vaccinations for school use has been added. It will also be possible to manage multiple digital identities on the same device in order to allow access to family members' data and facilitate the assistance of people less used to the utility of technological tools. All in compliance with privacy in accordance with the new European regulation on data protection and the management of consents.

The APP is available for free on the relevant stores, both for Android and for iOs.


Last update: 09/08/2021