Digital health: new services for the citizens of the Region of Toscana

The new do-it-yourself online booking service for special visits and instrumental diagnostics is launched in the Region of Toscana. From the IT platform of the single regional CUP, the so-called CUP2.0 (also reachable from the regional EHR), citizens residing in the areas of Massa Carrara, Lucca, Viareggio, Livorno and Grosseto will now be able, by entering their tax code (CF) and e-prescription number (NRE) on the memo, to automatically choose the appointment proposed by the system based on the clinical priority criteria entered by your doctor. Once the booking is complete, the citizens have a final reminder at their reservations. From the CUP online portal, citizens have access to all their reservations at any time, print the memo and, if necessary, cancel or modify them. In this initial start-up phase, not all services can be booked online and urgent bookings and analysis laboratory services are not permitted; however, it is be possible to book the main specialist visits and traditional radiology services and the offer will be extended shortly. Subsequent start-ups have already been planned for the areas of Siena, Pisa, Prato, Arezzo and Florence with completion by 2019.

Furthermore, from 1st June 2019, thanks to the work of the Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion Directorate of the Tuscany Region, the approximately 17,000 patients suffering from celiac disease or herpetiform dermatitis will be able to take advantage of the electronic voucher for the purchase of products for celiac patient. The paper voucher, currently in use, will therefore be replaced by the health card and a celiac code, which will be valid throughout the region, to be used for purchases. It is important that all the citizens interested go as soon as possible to the points identified by the ASL to collect the celiac disease code which from June 1st will replace the fine paper vouchers currently issued.

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Last update: 06/08/2021