Decree no 34/2020: all the news about the Electronic Health Record

With the conversion of the Decree no 34/2020 into Law (Law Decree no.34 / 2020 converted with amendments by Law n.77 of July 17, 2020), several important changes were made for the Electronic Health Record. These are the main ones:

  • the types of health and social-health data that flow into the EHR are extended: this also includes those relating to services provided outside the national health system, not only those within the NHS;
  • the activation and feeding of the EHR becomes automatic and easier. Citizens will no longer have to request the opening of their file and give their consent to their feeding, but will always be able to decide who can access their health data, through the explicit consent mechanism. Furthermore, the right to know which accesses have been made to one's EHR remains guaranteed;
  • the "subsidiarity" functions of the National Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Electronic Health Records (INI) are extended to all regions that have not yet activated the EHR or some of its services and the strengthening of INI. Over time, the EHR can be fed through the National Infrastructure for Interoperability with the health data already available on organ donation, vaccinations and reservations, contained in the Transplant Information System, in the regional vaccination registers and in the CUPs of each autonomous region or province;
  • the technical specifications of the EHR documents and the pharmaceutical dossier will be published on the National EHR Portal, subject to the opinion of the Italian Data Protection Authority.


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Decree-Law no. 34/2020 converted with amendments by Law 17 July 2020, n. 77
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