Covid-19: result of rapid antigenic swabs directly on the EHR

With the Decree-Law of 28 October 2020, no. 137 and the decree of 3 November 2020, the electronic report of the rapid antigenic swab performed by the general practitioner and by the pediatrician for each patient is made available on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) by the patients themselves.

The doctors prepare the electronic report using the functions of the Health Card System (TS System) which make it immediately available:

  • the assisted person directly in their EHR;
  • to the Prevention Department of the ASL competent for the area through the national platform managed by the Health Card System, only in the event of a positive outcome.

The patient, therefore, has the report of the quick antigenic swab by accessing, in addition to his own EHR, also via web to the national platform managed by the TS System, via Spid or TS-CNS, or with a simplified access method using the electronic report number (NRFE) sent by the TS System to the mobile number or e-mail address provided to the physician.


For further information

Decree-law 28 October 2020, no. 137
Decree of the Ministry of Finance implementing November 3, 2020, "Implementation methods of the provisions referred to in article 19, paragraph 1, of decree-law no. 137 of 28 October 2020."




Last update: 05/08/2021