Vaccinations: the publishing of the CDA2 Implementation Guide v1.0

The CDA2 Implementation Guide for the Single Vaccination Card and for Vaccination Certificate is online in the version 1.0.

Vaccinations are part of the data and supplementary documents of the EHR (according to Art. 2 of Prime Ministerial Decree 178/2015). Specifically, the individual vaccination form is the document that certifies the administration of the vaccination (s) administered to the patient on a certain date, while the Vaccination Certificate is the certification of all vaccines administered to the patient.

The aim of the publication is to define, according to the HL7 CDA Rel.2 standard, an implementation guide to the CDA of the two documents valid in the Italian context.

The Guide is a further important result of the collaboration launched between HL7 Italy, AgID, the CNR and the working groups, set up by the Ministry of Health and the Agency, in which the institutions involved and coordinated by the regional representatives for the creation of the electronic health record participate. The Ministry of Economy and Finance also participated in these activities.

All the documentation is available on the FSE website at the Documentary Standards page and on the HL7 Italia website.

Last update: 05/08/2021