The new version of the technical specifications of the local Electronic Health Records is now online

It is now possible to consult online the new technical specifications for the interoperability between the local systems of the EHR, version 2.2.

The specifications are the result of the joint work of the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) and the National Research Council (CNR) in agreement with the Department for Digital Transformation (DTD) and Sogei and are drawn up in accordance with the Decree- Law of 19 May 2020, n. 34 and the subsequent legislation on the Electronic Health Record.

The specifications are divided in two different documents:

  • Basic services framework and dataset;
  • Affinity Domain Italy.

The first document aims to define principles, processes, services and dataset of the regional EHR interoperability with the National Infrastructure for Interoperability (INI). The second document defines the Affinity Domain.


Last update: 18/07/2022