Electronic Health Record: the Implementation Guidelines and the decree for the integration of essential data have been published.

On 11 July, the Guidelines for the implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), referred to in the Decree of 20 May 2022, were published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, inaugurating the investments envisaged by the PNRR.

With the aim of providing, at national level, a single strategic direction for the evolution initiatives of the EHR and the systems integrated with it, the adoption of the Guidelines represents an important tool for achieving the objectives indicated by the PNRR: 85 % of the General Practitioners will have to feed the EHR by 2025 and all Regions and Autonomous Provinces will have to adopt and use the EHR by 2026.

The Guidelines define 4 actions for strengthening the EHR:

  • homogeneous and uniform digital health services.
  • strengthened architecture for the purposes of EHR interoperability.
  • uniformity of contents in terms of data and encodings.
  • strengthening of governance in the implementation of the EHR.

Leveraging on these, the Guidelines therefore intend to define a path towards an EHR that becomes: a single and exclusive point of access for citizens to the services of the National Health System; an ecosystem of data-based services for the diagnosis and treatment of patients by their health professionals; an enabling tool for more and more personalized patient care; an information tool for healthcare facilities and institutions, for the purpose of analyzing clinical data and improving the delivery of healthcare services.

Within 3 months of publication, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces must submit the adaptation plans to update their systems and to receive the financial resources necessary to carry them out.

The Electronic Health Record is also enriched with new documents that will be valid throughout the country. Even with the publication in the Gazzetta Ufficiale of 11 July 2022 of the Decree of 18 May 2022 "Integration of the essential data that make up the documents of the electronic health record", a major quantity of data and documents are available for the patients throughout the country to find in their own EHR in the future.

The issuing of the aforementioned decrees is the result of close collaboration between the Government, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, through the EHR Working Group, set up at the Interministerial Committee for Digital Transition (CiTD) and composed of delegates from the Ministry of Health, the Minister for innovation and digital transition and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as technical representatives and local authorities.

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Last update: 18/07/2022