PagaOnline, the Viterbo Asl offers online payment methods for health services

From tomorrow, the new service from Region Lazio will allow citizens to choose between the most common payment methods

All the residents in the Viterbo province will be able to pay for health services, booked via ReCup, by accessing the “PagaOnline” portal through the link The service is active from Tuesday 18th July.

This local service activated from Viterbo Asl uses the platform Pago PA, set up with the collaboration of AGID. The electronic payment for health services, both as offered by the National Health Service and from the Intramoenia freelance activity, can be done using credit or debit card (including pre-paid ones), bank transfer or any other methods the citizen prefers as long as it is recognized nationally.

To pay the health bill, the citizens need to log in to PagaOnline portal, insert their fiscal code and their 15 number payment code (IUV) that they receive upon booking via ReCUP. They are then able to identify the amount due and pay it.

At the end, the users will receive an email with a link where they can download the receipt of payment.


(Fonte: viterbosanitanews)

Last update: 09/08/2021