The Region of Toscana: the addition of new functionalities to the Electronic Health Recordand the ePrescription

Florence- In the month of July the Electronic Health Recordwill be updated with two innovations.  The new functionalities aim to facilitate and speed up the citizens’ health services access: it is now possible to access to the Electronic Health Recordentering the SPID credentials; the citizen can access the ePrescription through the Electronic Health Record. Here is what it is.

Access to the Electronic Health Recordentering SPID credentials

Starting from the month of July 2017, it is possible to access to the Electronic Health Recordusing, in addition to the health card (TS/CNS), the SPID credentials identified with security level 2.

The SPID, Public Digital Identity System, allow citizens to access to the Public Administration online services using a single Digital Identity (username and password). No smart card reader is required to access to SPID. The Digital Identity ca be used through different devices (desktop PC and mobile PC).

The Identity providers are private parties chosen by Agid to provide for the SPID identity, the digital identity and to manage users’ authentication.

The SPID activation is simple and even easier for the users that have the health card activated. It is not necessary to go to a citizen desk, the SPID can easily be activated online from home.

Here is the instructions to activate the SPID

Visit the sections of the Tuscany Region’s site dedicated to the online services available with SPID ( servizi on line con accesso SPID ).

Visit the sections of the Tuscany Region’s site dedicated to the Electronic Health Record(  Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico )


ePrescription: citizens can directly access to the personal ePrescription

The ministerial decree of November 2nd 2011 established the begin of the prescriptions digitalization process. In the past few years each citizen has already experienced the transition from the “red paper prescription” to the “white paper memo”.

The transition might seem like a banal forms change but it is actually the symbol of a digital revolution promoted by the SST, in order to optimize and simplify internal processes. The technological development, involving network infrastructure and process parties involved, allowed the transition from a signed paper document to a memo. The introduction of innovative technologies enabled to safely digitalize prescription information.

In other words, it was possible to digitalize the prescription transferring all the data in a centralized system from the prescriber to the provider. In the initial phase the digitalization of the prescription aimed to make the memo the only contact needed between the prescriber and the provider.

From July 2017, the citizen can access to the personal ePrescription through the Electronic Health Recordof Tuscany.  Using the personal file, each citizen can access to the digital medical prescription to see the memo or to print it.

The SSR system will publish the memo on the Electronic Health Recordin real time. It allows citizens to access the document from the personal PC (  or  the “smartSST” app (for Android and IOS).

(Fonte: Toscana Notizie; Autore: Lucia Zambelli)

Last update: 09/08/2021