Objectives and project management



In order to coordinate the design and implementation of the NCPeH, maintaining a management and governance system aligned with the activities carried out at the European level is essential. For this reason, an entire activity is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • ensure an always open connection between the Governance structure outlined at European level for the management of eHealth DSI services (eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure) and all the other Member States involved in the implementation of the NCPeH in their own territory
  • prepare the tools to establish an adequate governance structure at national level within the project consortium to ensure the provision of cross-border e-health services.

The pursuit of the above objectives allows the members of the consortium to implement the NCPeH following the procedures defined within the bodies established within the governance system of the eHealth DSI. It also allows them to adhere to the decisions of the eHealth Network in matters of policies and guidelines relating to DSI eHealth services and decisions relating to the deployment of the NCPeH infrastructure.

The governance and management system of the activities is also responsible for ensuring coordination between the project beneficiaries, the systematic monitoring of progress and any difficulties and acts as a liaison with the European Commission and the eHealth Network. Finally, he deals with the management of the financial resources of the project, as well as the preparation of periodic reports.

The conclusion of the project is scheduled for 31.12.2021.

Last update: 05/08/2021