Style sheet management service


The service aims to make available a set of style sheets on a national basis, that can be used for the uniform consultation of health and socio-health documents in HL7 CDA Rel. 2.0 format.

In particular, it will be possible to consult all the available style sheets and to retrieve a specific style sheet starting from its unique reference.

The service has a dual purpose:

  1. avoid the proliferation of local style sheets used by the different EHR systems, providing a single style sheet at national level (possibly for each type of health or socio-health document);
  2. support the process of availability and retrieval of style sheets through the national interoperability infrastructure.

Style sheet catalog

In the first instance, the catalog contains the standard style sheet issued by the HL7 International organization, appropriately translated into Italian. Subsequently, the catalog will be enriched with further more specific style sheets.

List of style sheets

NameType of documentsReference
CDAitAll CDA documentsLink