Working groups

The Agid and the Ministry of Health carry out the liaison activity at national level for the creation of uniformity and homogeneous use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). In this regard, also in agreement with the needs expressed by the regions, they have launched a series of technical round tables for the definition of priority issues. The first works will concern in particular the modalities of EHR’s access, the consent management, the definition of the necessary elements and the technical modalities for the digital signature of XML documents and for the management of style sheets on a national basis, the support for the use of encodings for the EHR, the EHR’s promotion, dissemination and interoperability.

In addition to the representatives of AgID and the Ministry of Health, the regional representatives who have expressed their adhesion to one or more groups and the representatives of the CNR who have worked on specific issues, will participate in the various Thematic Working Groups, sub-groups of the Technical Board monitoring and address concerning the EHR, as defined in art. 26 of DPCM n. 178/2015 within the Steering Committee NSIS (New Health Information System) at the Ministry of Health.

Each Group will be coordinated, on the basis of the different specific skills, by AgID and / or the Ministry of Health.This section describes the work of the Thematic Working Groups for the EHR, subgroups of the Technical Roundtable concerning the EHR.